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Monumental Dialogue

Wild Chairs

Sculpture Monumental tree


The monumental pine of the Valldoreix Station died in May of 2018 due to an infection. In order to maintain its structure and soul, Valldoreix's Council (EMD) decided to turn it into an artistic work of wood.

The wood of the emblematic pine, of more than 70 years, has been used by the artists Ariane Patout and Rene Müller to turn it into one of the sculptures of his project "Wild Chairs". The artists worked directly with chainsaws on dead pine wood.

The Valldoreix EMD cut off much of the structure of the emblematic pi of the station square, after it died as a result of an unknown infection. The action consisted of the cutting of the head, which was unstable and could pose a risk to pedestrians. However, the main trunk was respected.

TV Interview

Ariane is the title that carries the literary tale written by Josep Amorós, who observed us every day during the process of transforming the tree into sculpture.

Ariane est le titre qui porte le récit littéraire écrit par Josep Amorós, qui nous observait tous les jours au cours du processus de transformation de l'arbre en sculpture.

Ariane ist der Titel der literarischen Geschichte von Josep Amorós, der uns jeden Tag während des Transformationsprozesses des Baums in Skulpturen beobachtete

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