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domestic-wild collection

Dear collectors and dreamers,

Discover the new collection of Domestic-Wild. Functional sculptures made of wood and handcrafted unique pieces in limited edition.

You can acquire it in our online shop.

Functional Sculptures

Domestic-Wild brings us his newest, functional art sculpture. These functional sculptures bring elegance, beauty and functionality to your home, to create refined, original and confortable spaces. Simplifying your life with objects that you need, love and inspire you. Pieces between art and design, sculptures.

wood is life

Wood is a component of the future, vanguard and tradition. It is a natural, elegant, timeless, very resistant material that is alive, that’s why wood excites us. It is not toxic, it is biodegradable and it is recyclable. These qualities provide a superior quality to our home and our life thanks to its aesthetic and sensory qualities.

art and design

Ariane Patout and René Müller have between them 45 years of experience in the creative world of art and design. His pieces go beyond the aesthetics of the art, appearance, shape and color, they express their particular view of the world, providing the function of the object and its interaction with the user.

limited edition

We love unique objects and we’re certain you do too. Because you are also unique as well as each tree, with its owns story and shapes. In our collection, you will find limited editions. All objects from our collection are handmade by Domestic-Wild team. Each piece can be created and customized to your special order.

wild beauty

True beauty is natural and wild. Imperfections like wrinkles, cracks, spots, scars and asymmetries are not defects. They are the most beautiful signals reflecting the character, personality and authenticity, both in people and in the trees. Like in your skin, in the wood we can read, touch and smell the memory of his life.