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Our team has a remarkable experience in design, crafts, woodwork, carpentry and sculpture, applied through manual and artisan processes, so each piece is unique and its personalized details.

The Mediterranean style brings us freshness, nature, light, calm.
 Mediterranean is a good nap, healthy cuisine, snacks and a delicious wine that we enjoy with friends. Lying on the floor in cozy, relaxed and carefree chill environments, in which we get excited in a different way.

Wood is a component of the future, avant-garde and tradition. It is a natural, elegant, timeless and very resistant material that is alive, that's why wood excites us. These qualities provide very Ggood energies to our home and our life thanks to their aesthetic and sensory qualities.

We love unique pieces and we are sure that you do too. Because you are also unique, like each tree, with its own history and form. In our collection there are only unique pieces.We respect the shapes of the tree to keep this unique character.

Imperfections such as wrinkles, cracks, spots, scars and asymmetries are not defects. They are the most beautiful signs that reflect unique character, pesonality and authenticity. As in your skin, in the wood we can read, touch and smell the memory and history of his life.

You can acquire it in our
online store
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You can acquire it in our
online store
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