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Domestic-Wild is the union of the spanish-french artist Ariane Patout, and the german-swiss designer René Müller, two creators with a remarkable career, currently based in Barcelona.
It is in 2012 when these two professionals gave life to their first best-seller artistic project: WILD CHAIR, recognized with the
FAD Architecture Award (2014) and Valldoreix Sculpture Biennial Award (2016). Since then, they have not stopped to create together and fascinate the world with their creations.

They merge art and design, savoire-faire and experimentation. They combine the classic with the contemporary. Wood is their speciality. As their name Domestic-Wild suggests, their work is inspired by the contrasts, joining the concepts of the wild nature, and the human domestication. For them the perfect beauty, is a balance of the asymmetry of the raw and the fine shapes, with imperfections and contrasts. This is expressed in their work in the landscape, as well as their collection of functional sculptures and furniture. They are definitely; refined and wild.


Ariane Patout

Ariane Patout Artista_Domestic-Wild

Multidisciplinary  artist and designer specialized in sculpture and interventions in public space and landscape, licended in the Arts School La Massana and the Cinema School ESCAC in Barcelona, was recognized with the SID'S Award (2013) in Switzerland, Arquitecture Award FAD (2014) in Barcelona, Valldoreix Biennial Sculpture Award (2016) and finalist of the AFAD Awards in 2013 and 2014, as well as finalist for the Ciudad Sant Cugat Prize in 2014 for his artistic career.

René Müller

René Müller Diseñador_ Domestic-Wild

Designer, carpenter and Land-art artist licensed in Germany, has also been recognized for the FAD Architecture Prize (2014) and the Valldoreix Biennial Sculpture Award (2016). Since 2003 he runs his own company  based in Germany, WOODLOOPS: JUST NATURE, in which he designs, produces and distributes FSC wood products and furniture, with the traditionalstyle as well as sculptural furniture. He has participated in several professional events at national and international level.

Our philosophy

In Domestic-Wild we work on it through artistic projects that aim to inspire the Society and generate messages with enough ethical force to improve the quality of our community values. To bring the human being closer to a more respectful relationship with nature, through a more conscious, committed and sensitized use and treatment.

The artistic process, can be materialized invery different ways but always looking forthe sensitivity and social awareness, we takecare of the advice, coordination, design andproduction of it.We also carry out creative training activities,adapting to the needs of each project, inorder to supervise this creative process at all levels of its development.

In Domestic-Wild, we open a dialogue through artistic action to invites the Society to reflect on what is the real impact of humans on their relationship with the planet today. And in turn, what is, or should be, the purpose of an artistic intervention within this same reflection.

Public space of all and the home of each one, are for us very important scenarios for life. For this reason we work to improve the quality of life in these, through unique works designed for each occasion.
We add 40 years of experience in the world of art and design, our passion and philosophy of life, with the desire to share it with the rest to build a better world.

Wood:Our speciality


Wood is the specialty of Domestic-Wild and is an essential element in our projects. We want to give prominence in everyday life, both at home and in public spaces, not only for its aesthetic value, but also for its physical and sensory qualities.
We apply traditional and innovative techniques and treatments, and of experimental nature.
We bet to enhance your presence in the spaces that we inhabit, in coexistence with the asphalt of the cities, or innovating in their form and its use in rural areas, since it contributes better to the quality of life of the users, clearly giving their message to: all we are part of the nature that life gives us.


Events and Exhibitions

Workshop Drei Mal Drei_June-July 2022_CampusKuchl_Salzburg_Austria

Artistic Residency KAIR_2023 Kamiyama_Tokushima_JAPAN

Racines_Public Sculptures_Parcours d'Art LA BELLE BALADE_2021_France

Wild Chairs in PARIS_Public Sculptures_Parc de la Villette_2021_France

Fuchsegg_Artistic Project in Eco Lodge_Egg_Bregenzerwald_2021_Austria

Insecte invasor en extinció I and II_Artistic Residency_CAN Farrera_8th.Aplec Saó_ Farrera_Alt Pirineu_2020_Spain

OXIGEN Collserola_ Artistic Furniture Collection_Natural Parc Collserola_Barcelona_2020_Spain

VESSA'm i BROTA'm_Performance_VILAB_Celler Modernista de Sant Cugat del Vallès_Barcelona_2019_Spain

In  memoriam II_Artistic Residency_Art i Gavarres_Edition II_Land Art Festival _Romanyà de la Selva_Girona_2019_Spain

In memoriam I_Artistic Residency_BÒLIT CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER_Girona_2019_Spain

Collective Exhibition_ARTE EN LA TIERRA_2019_ESDIR_Logroño_Spain

DERRAMA I BROTA_Explorant la feminitat de la vinya_2018_ARBAR_Centre d'Art i Cultura_Vall de Santa Creu_Spain

ARTE EN LA TIERRA_Land Art Festival_2018_Santa Lucía de Ocón_La Rioja_Spain

Künstlerische Installationen_2018_AlpenGasthof Brüggele_Alberschwende_Austria

Quan les arrels caminen_TEMPS DE FLORS FESTIVAL_2018_Pont de Sant Feliu_Girona_Spain


DESIGN MARKET_DHUB_2017_Barcelona_Spain

THE BOX_2017_Barcelona_Spain

Any Manel Surroca 2017_Camprodón_Spain

Jungle électrique_Parcours d'Art Contemporain Fées d'hiver 2017_Crévoux_Hautes Alpes_France

Jewels of Thalgau  2017_New Urban Furniture Project_Design,art and workshops with University of Salzburg_Thalgau_Austria

Manifesta 2016_European Biennal of Contemporany Art_Paralel events_Zurich_Switzerland

Troupeau de chaises_Parcours d'Art Contemporain Fées d'hiver 2016_Crévoux_Hautes Alpes_France

Les Rameurs_Parcours d'Art Contemporain Fées d'hiver 2016_Crévoux_Hautes Alpes_France

I Bienal of Sculpture Valldoreix dels somnis 2016_Barcelona_Spain

Hipermerc'art 2016_Fabrica Moritz_Barcelona_Spain

Workshop Weaving Cultures 2016_Terra de Mar Festival_Palamós_Spain

Workshop Weaving Cultures 2016_Museu Maritim Drassanes_Barcelona_Spain

Workshop Weaving Cultures 2016_MOTOCO_DMC__Mulhouse_France

Workshop Reflexions in 3D. Elisava Design School 2015__Barcelona_Spain

Museum of Monestir of Sant Cugat 2014_Barcelona_Spain

Escola d'Art Floral de Catalunya 2014_Barcelona_Spain

Upcycling Festival Drap Art 2014_CCCB_Barcelona_Spain

Andorra de la terra al cel, Land Art festival. 2014_Public Spaces_Andorra

Maison et Objet 2014_Paris_France

FAD AWARD Exhibition_DHUB 2014_Barcelona_Spain

Hipermerc'art 2012_Sala Vinçon_Barcelona_Spain

BROTS Design Gallery 2013_Camallera_Spain

Hipermerc'art 2013_Sala Vinçon_Barcelona_Spain

D-Terra Gallery 2013_Barcelona_Spain

Midnight Sun Gallery 2013_Morges_Switzerland

MAG 2013_Salon d'Art Contemporain_Montreux_Switzerland

Illa Diagonal 2013_Barcelona_Spain

La Nit de l'Art 2012_Sant cugat del Vallés_Spain

La Musa Showroom 2012_Sant cugat del Vallés_Spain

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