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In memoriam

art i gavarres 2019.jpg

Land Art Festival

Edition II_Art i Gavarres

Romanyà de la selva_Girona_Spain_2019

Art Installation in Romanyà de la Selva_Girona _2019

In memoriam is an art installation in homage to the 800,000 victims in fire woods for the second edition of Land Art Festival Art i Gavarres_


This art work is linked to the 2nd International Land Art & Gavarres International Festival that takes place from April to June 2019. With In memoriam_2019 the artists want to pay homage to the 800,000 burned trees in the Gavarres along the last 20 years.

Patout and Müller make two installations in the public space with which they recreate a funeral scene, with the remains of a poplar in the Plaza de las Botxes in the Devesa de Girona and with cork oaks burned in the fires of 2014 to Gavarres a la Creu i la era of Romanyà de la Selva.

The corpses of these trees rest on the floor covered with survival blankets , creating a scene that speaks for itself. With these actions Domestic-Wild invites us to reflect on the value, strength and fragility of nature, and approach us more respectfully to trees as living things of vital importance to our lives.

Domestic-Wild works on the relationship between the wild and the domestic, between nature and human beings, reflecting on the transformative impact we have on the natural environment, obviously negative for a long time, but with the hope of boost an evolution of consciousness so that this force of transformation is reversed in a positive way.

Sometimes we ask ourselves if these blankets of survival will eventually lead them to the pocket to survive this climate change.

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