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La jungle électrique

Installation artistique dans le paysage

Parcours d'Art Contemporain 2017

Fées d'hiver_Crévoux_France

The electric poles are very present in the urban landscape and show us our great dependence on this discovery:

Lady Electricity. She enlightens us, that warms us, allows us to cook, she is the one that allows us to be connected to the frenetic rythm of life in civilization, under a network of cables. Under an electric jungle. On our walks in nature we are disconnected from this electric jungle but on the other hand we are really connected to the natural jungle that works at another rythm, where all the comfort and speed we have thanks to electricity disappears and we enter to another dimension.

Ariane Patout

"Electricity is omnipresent in our world 2.0. But are we aware of it? This energy that participated in the industrial revolution is so present that it has become invisible. However, our homes, factories, computers, smartphones and our vehicles are already connected to this energy. The modernity of the high technologies makes us forget that the transport of electricity remains identical to its creation: the electric cable. Slightly hidden, these cables are now well established in our urban or rural landscapes, only to force a little glance to realize, with fear.

The artists, Ariane Patout and René Müller, reveal the omnipresence of these cables, installing them in this valley where until now they did not exist. This forgotten reality leaps into our eyes here, like a slap in this natural landscape to remind us how insidiously inscribed in our everyday landscapes."


Eric Lorre_Co-president Fées d'hiver

Film Jungle électrique
Video NEWS TV FRANCE (minut 01:37)
Video Résidence de création#8
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