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Troupeaux de chaises

Parcours d'Art Contemporain 2016

Fées d'hiver_Crévoux_France

Shepherding is an age-old mountain activity and illustrates how we have slowly transformed animals into domestic beings. Emerging from the wilderness, they have now become an archetype in our human societies. Man’s vanity has provoked this domination over nature. Craftsmanship and  woodworking skills have given us multiple objects to make our lives more comfortable, and, as a result have brought about the deforestation of our forests.


Ariane and René work on getting back to nature, in the wild. These flocks of dispersed chairs appear completely wild and free. However, their shepherd is not so far away, and their function reminds us that they have been created to satisfy man’s need to sit down.

Video Parcours d'art#7
WILD CHAIRS Minut 07:09
Video Résidence de création#7
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