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Domestic-Wild is the union of the spanish-french artist Ariane Patout, and the german-swiss designer René Müller, owner of Woodloops Furniture, two creators with a remarkable career, currently based in Barcelona.
It is in 2012 when these two professionals gave life to their first best-seller artistic project: WILD CHAIR, recognized with the FAD Architecture Award (2014) and Valldoreix Sculpture Biennial Award (2016). Since then, they have not stopped to create together and fascinate the world with their creations.

They merge art and design, savoire-faire and experimentation. They combine the classic with the contemporary. Wood is their speciality. As their name Domestic-Wild suggests, their work is inspired by the contrasts, joining the concepts of the wild nature, and the human domestication. For them the perfect beauty, is a balance of the asymmetry of the raw and the fine shapes, with imperfections and contrasts. This is expressed in their work in the landscape, as well as their collection of functional sculptures and furniture. They are definitely; refined and wild.

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wrinkles, cracks, spots, scars and asymmetries are the most beautiful signs that reflect beauty

Our style is to show off NATURAL and WILD BEAUTY.

Imperfections such as wrinkles, cracks, spots, scars and asymmetries are not defects. They are the most beautiful signs that reflect CHARACTER, PERSONALITY, and AUTHENTICITY, unique, both in people and in trees.As in your skin, in the wood we can read, touch and smell the memory and history of his life.

Domestic-Wild furniture
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