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Wild Chair

WILD CHAIR. A symbol of the domestication of nature.
Sculptural installations in public spaces.

Wild Chair's Project by Domestic-Wild won the FAD Architecture Award in 2014 for the ephemeral landscape installations category as well as the biannual sculpture award from the Valldoreix del Somnis Award in 2016.

Wild Chair has become a symbol. A symbol of communication, a meeting point and dialogue for the human species. It invites us to question the impact of the domestication of nature caused by humans, which seeks to create comfort through craftsmanship, industry and design. The chairs are empty, wild and primitive. Each with their own character and personality they bring a human focus to the dead matter. They are living chairs that haven´t lost their wild roots. Their form questions the field of design and technocracy.

This project began in 2012 in the province of Barcelona, Spain, giving a new life to trees in public spaces that had been cut down, with their roots still in the ground, transforming them into Wild Chairs and leaving the spaces, free and wild, transformed by nature’s rhythm.

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The Wild Chair collection in public spaces and private gardens, and the Domesticated Wild Chairs collection in exhibition spaces has travelled to France, (Maison et Objet Paris, Parcours d'Art), Switzerland (Manifesta Zurich, MAG Montreux, Midnightsun Gallery ) and Spain.

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